Conscious Dating Mentor Coaches

Interested in Conscious Dating?
Have questions?
Want to talk to a real (non-virtual) person?

We invite you to contact any of these dedicated RCI-trained Conscious Dating mentor coaches who will be delighted to answer your questions by telephone or email- no charge, no pressure. The coaches below are selected members of Relationship Coaching Institute who have volunteered to make themselves available for this project.


Lori Ann Davis
Lori Ann Davis, Charlotte, NC
Laura Menze
Laura Menze, Westminster, CO
Riana Milne
Riana Milne, Delray Beach, FL
Sheryl Spangler
Sheryl Spangler, Charlotte, NC
Lewis Denbaum
Lewis Denbaum, Fairfield, IA
“I help men find the balance between personal mission and relationships.”
Diane Denbaum
Diane Denbaum, Fairfield, IA
“I help loving, successful women who have been divorced or in a cycle of disastrous relationships, to stop settling and create the life they truly want to live and attract a man worthy of them.”
Max August
Max August, Santa Barbara, CA
“I work with single, divorced parents who want to live the life you really want and have the relationships you deserve.”
Maeve Crawford
Maeve Crawford, London, England
“I am committed to empowering mature singles to discover the joy and emotional freedom of a truly fulfilling and loving relationship. I am experiencing this after attracting my soul mate using conscious dating. I can help you experience the blissful connectedness of a deeply satisfying love life.”
Pam Alexandra
Pam Alexandra, Sacramento, CA
“I help “over forty” professionals turn their dream of finding love that lasts into reality. I did it, and so can you!”
Kim Morse
Kim Morse, Saint Petersburg, FL
“It is not only important to live your passion, but to live passionately with the love of you life. I help singles find an awareness of how they are holding themselves back from sharing a great life with that someone special. ”
Chipo Shambare
Chipo Shambare, Ottawa, Ontario
“I help, inspire, and empower single again, professional, and entrepreneurial women to connect with their deeper truth and feminine power, and attract that special someone who cares, makes them feel loved and understood, with the goal of building their dream life together!”
Yasmin Abouelhassan
Yasmin Abouelhassan, Maadi, Helwan, Egypt
“Single yes, lonely no more.You deserve love and happiness. Contact me to begin your joyful
adventurous journey of self discovery that leads you to find your true loving life partner.”
Nina Potter
Nina Potter, St. Paul, MN
“If you are a busy professional I can show you how to find your Ideal Mate by helping you discover and be your Ideal Self,Live your Ideal Life, and have Absolute Clarity on who will join you…It takes a Happy Single to make a Happy Couple.”
Judith Geiger
Judith Geiger, Moravia, NY
“Divorced Women Thrive! I am the ‘Be in Love Again Coach’ working with women who are starting over, after divorce or other life transition to “Be in Love Again…with YOU, your life & your ideal partner.” Free E-book on my web site (Sacred Self-Care: Celebrating that Love Begins Within)”
Lynn Goodacre
Lynn Goodacre, Victoria, B.C.
“With care and compassion I help single women over 40 explore their hopes and dreams, work through their barriers and break old patterns so they are ready to co-create a deep, loving, fulfilling partnership that lasts. It’s never too late!”
Jianny Adamo
Jianny Adamo, Delray Beach, FL
“I empower my clients with insight and practical wisdom to assist them in breaking through the barriers that hold them back from living their dreams and experiencing all the love and joy life has to offer.”