Seeking Soulmate Club



Seeking SoulMate Club

Be part of an exciting club designed to successfully and quickly find the love of your life starting now!

Created by Relationship Coaching Institute (RCI), the world leader in Conscious Dating.


Featured Topics –

  • 10 Steps for Finding Your Soul Mate  –> MAP TO FINDING YOUR  SOUL MATE   

  • (Power intro & rule of 3 handout – break the ice — what to say after hello make audio)

  • Use Your Computer to Find Your Soul Mate –>    Is your partner waiting for you online?

  • Where to Find Your Soul Mate

  • Conscious Dating: How to Connect With Your Life Vision  –> Explore & Realize Your Life Vision

  • The Love Bubble for Singles (guided visualization audio)

  • What You Must Know for Your First Three Dates

  • Take Control of Who You Want (Be the Chooser) –> The Secrets To Being In Control Of Who You Choose

  • Success Tips for Singles 

  • Long Distance Attraction: How To Do This (Attracted to Someone 1200 Miles Away) –> How To Keep Your Love Growing From A 1,000 Miles Away

  • Juicy Love After 50

  • Here’s How To Know If They Are The Right One (Sorting, Screening, and Testing) –> The Secrets To Knowing “The Right One”

  • Want A Successful Relationship? (Relationship Success)

  •  The “S” Word: Are You Ready For It? (Dr. Patty Britton – Sex Coaching)

  • Sex and Dating Today – What You Want To Know But Afraid To Ask & When Is It The Right Time

  • Must Have For Men: Relationship Essentials with Robert Glover, Ph.D (conscious relationship mp3’s)

  • Must Have For Women: Relationship Essentials with Pat Love, Ed.D


Flirting 101 Handout Emotions Made Easily mp3 Your Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Ever for Singles

plus more…


In this very inclusive, robust dating program you’ll receive:

  • Complete online successful dating audio program (15 audios valued at $477)

  • Invaluable monthly telephone discussions with relationship experts, special guests and relationship authors

  •  An exclusive opportunity to ask the most difficult questions and problem-solve live.

  •  Improve your dating skills as you learn from others’ experiences!



$9.95 per month or $99 for annual membership

                       Discounted 3 month coaching group with annual membership


All of the above plus:  

  • Ask the Coach Hotline – Email an expert relationship coach an urgent question and get a response within 24 hours.
  • Live Weekly Group Coaching

$49 a month or $499 for annual membership

Platinum Program

All of the above plus:

  • Personal, individualized one-on-one coaching with an expert relationship coach, 45 minute bi-weekly sessions

$199 a month or $1,999 for annual membership