FAQ for RCI Coaches

FAQs About Conscious Dating Virtual Coaching Program for RCI Coaches

Question: Can we see what’s in the program?

Answer: It lives in a password protected web-based learning platform hosted by
Virtual Training Academy, so we don’t have the ability to show you the actual
program live. However, a screenshot of Module One that allows you to see the
layout and features is here-

And the exact contents is described here-
(check out the link to view the Orientation Video)


Question: What does “Co-Branded” mean”

Answer: It’s a version of this program with your name and brand on
it. “Co-Brand” refers to the fact that it is the Conscious Dating program, a
trademark and brand that belongs to RCI that also has your name, image, logo, URL, etc.

See the screenshot of an example of a co-branded version here-

The co-branded version allows you to use your own photo, logo, business name, contact info, domain name, upsells, etc.

In addition to the advantage of marketing your own branded version, you get to
keep 100% of the revenue!

(Note: the fee for the co-branding option goes to Virtual Training Academy for
setting it up, hosting, and managing it for you- nothing goes to RCI. It is our
goal to support you to have a successful practice using this platform and this
is our way of sweetening the pot to encourage you to consider the co-branding

Question: How can I connect with the people that sign up through my link?

Answer: When you use your affiliate link we see that the signup came from you,
and we will send you their contact info for follow up. You become their “mentor”
and they become YOUR prospective client.

Question: How do I get a coupon code to provide my network with a discount?

Answer: Get them by emailing darlene [at] relationshipcoachinginstitute [dot] com
Custom coupon codes are also available if you need something different from our standard codes.
Please note that your 50% is based upon what they actually pay for the program.

Question: If I promote this program won’t I get fewer clients because they won’t
need to hire me?

Answer: No, you will get MORE clients as this program is designed to provide an
entry into your practice for singles that are not yet ready to hire you.
Throughout the program we encourage them to consult YOU and promote the value of
working with a coach. This program is designed to be a CLIENT CREATION MACHINE.

Question: Can I modify the program?

Answer: No, it would be cost prohibitive to customize the program, however a Private Label version is available that will allow you to do so, however, this would require a significant investment beyond Co-Branding. For more information contact darlene [at] relationshipcoachinginstitute [dot] com