Three Easy Steps to Immediate Income

Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced RCI coach, the Conscious Dating Virtual Coaching Program is a great way for you to instantly add a product to your business that can immediately generate significant income as well as clients.

Here’s how:

Step One: Register for RCI’s affiliate program

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OK, got your affiliate code? You’re ready for Step Two!

Step Two: Create your referral URL

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Presto, you’re now ready to market this program!

Step Three: Send an email

Yes, it really is that easy and simple. Just copy the suggested email broadcast on our affiliate page, insert your affiliate URL, and click “Send.”

Copy the suggested email broadcast on this page-

Send to whom, you might ask?

OPTION A: Broadcast to your entire network, everybody you know, and ask them to pass it along to singles they care about.

OPTION B: Broadcast to all the folks you know that are single.

OPTION C: Go through your contacts and select specific people you know that you think might be interested, send them an individual email and follow up by telephone. This kind of 1:1, targeted marketing is actually the best way to get results.

Follow these three, easy steps and watch your email inbox for your sales notifications!


1. You might shorten the URL here-

2. Put the program advertising banner on your website, blog, etc. Get the HTML code here

3. Post announcements on Facebook, Twitter (and other social media), online community forums or discussion lists you may be a member of, etc.

4. Schedule an introductory seminar or tele-seminar, and provide this program as your upsell or next step.

If you want to help singles as part of your business, promoting this program is truly the best way to reach them.

Go for it!