Top Five Reasons Singles Sign Up for the

Conscious Dating Virtual Coaching Program

1. It’s compelling

Singles are attracted to a guaranteed, proven program that addresses their biggest need and desire.

2. It’s convenient

Sign up online, get immediate access, participate at their own pace from the comfort of their home or office.

3. It’s anonymous

It requires a high level of trust and vulnerability for someone to decide to hire you as their coach, which most people need to warm up to. A virtual coaching program allows them to engage the coaching process from a safe distance and become comfortable with the coaching relationship.

4. It’s recommended by you

Third party endorsement is very powerful. Even though Relationship Coaching Institute is a credible organization, singles are more likely to pay attention to your recommendation of this program than from our marketing.

5. It’s guaranteed

No matter how great the program or credible the source, people are far more comfortable trying something if they know they can opt out and get their money back if it doesn’t work for them.

Bonus Reason: It’s affordable

“Coaching” is intangible and high cost. Even a branded coaching program such as Conscious Dating feels like a big stretch. However, most singles are willing to invest a few hundred dollars toward achieving their most important life goal for all the reasons mentioned above.

Top Five Reasons for RCI Coaches to Market
the Conscious Dating Virtual Coaching Program

1. You will get clients

This program is designed to be a “Client Creation Machine” and addresses the need for singles to understand the value of the Conscious Dating program and of working directly with you, to overcome their resistance to the cost of coaching and the fear of allowing themselves to trust and be vulnerable.

2. You will get more prospects

Today’s singles are tech-savvy and attracted to the use of technology to solve their problem of finding their soul mate. Marketing this program will get their attention and compel them to come to your website to check it out.

3. You will generate more revenue

More prospects and more clients translate to more income, even before the 50% commission hits your bank account. And with the co-branded version you keep 100%!

4. You have an immediate product

As you market your relationship coaching services you will reach many singles through presentations, seminars, your website, social media, word of mouth, etc. Here’s an important question for you– If those singles aren’t ready to hire you as their coach, what can you provide them? If your answer is “not much,” then you, and they, need this program!

5. You will reach more singles and make a bigger difference in the world

If you review all the reasons why singles would sign up for this program it might be apparent that this program meets them where they’re at- motivated and a bit scared, needing an easy, safe, comfortable path to getting the support they need for their most important life goal.
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